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ESD FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q - How many ESDC Members does iNARTE have?
A - To date, we have certified about 500 ESDCers.

Q - Why should I be certified?
A - iNARTE certification signifies that you have not only passed a rigorous exam, but also that you have a specific number of years of experience and that your supervisor and your peers have attested to the caliber of your work. It is a pedigree which shows you have achieved a level of work experience and education and have the references and examination to back them up.

Q - Can I be certified without examination - "grandfathered"?
A - No. A "Grandfathering" period of one year was established during the implementation of iNARTE's ESD program (in accordance with the United States Constitution prohibiting the loss of means to livelihood of professionals). This grandfathering provision was terminated 31 December 1995. All applicants must now examine.

Q - How much experience is required?
A - For ESDC Engineer certification - 9 years. For ESDC Technician certification - 6 years. Education may count for some experience.
See the requirements for: ESD Technician Certification | ESD Engineer Certification

Q - How much is the iNARTE dues?
A -Renewal fees are listed here.

Q - How much does it cost to take the exam?
A - The exam fees are listed here. Should you need to take the exam more than once, each subsequent exam requires a processing fee.

Q - How long is the exam?
A - The exam is given in two 4 hour sessions. You are allowed a maximum of 4 hours per session. There is no minimum time between sessions.

Q - How many questions are on the exam?
A - Each session consists of 48 questions. You are required to answer 40 of the 48 questions on each session. You must answer 28 of the 40 correctly. See Preparing for the ESD Exam for more details.

Q - What score do I have to get to pass?
A - Minimum score required is 70% overall. You can miss 12 of 40 questions on each session.

Q - If I fail the exam, how long do I have to wait before taking it again?
A - 90 Days.

Q - Can I use a computer during the exam?
A - Laptops are allowed, but you must provide your own battery power.  No power outlet or data/internet connection is permitted.

Q - What are the chances of passing the ESDC exam?
A - Overall passing rate is 85% (72% for Engineers and 98% for Technicians)..

Q - When will I know my exam results?
A - The examinations will be graded at iNARTE HQ and you will be advised of your scores within 15 business days.

Have a question you don't see here? Feel free to contact iNARTE HQ at 888-722-2440.

Questions? Call iNARTE at 888-722-2440.
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