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FCC Radio Maintenance and Repair
You NEED a commercial radio operator license to repair and maintain the following:
    1. All ship radio and radar stations;
    2. All coast stations;
    3. All hand carried units used to communicate with ships and coast stations on marine frequencies;
    4. All aircraft stations and aeronautical ground stations (including hand carried portable units) used to communicate with aircraft;
    5. International fixed public radiotelephone and radiotelegraph stations;
Types of Commercial Maintainer & Operator Licenses

You DO NOT need a Commercial Radio Operator License to operate, repair or maintain any of the following types of stations:
    1. Two-way land mobile radio equipment such as that used by police and fire departments, taxicabs and truckers, businesses and industries, ambulances and rescue squads, local, state and federal government agencies;
    2. Personal radio equipment used in the Citizens Band (CB), Radio Control and General Mobile radio services;
    3. Auxiliary broadcast stations such as remote pickup stations and others (except those listed in item 6 above);
    4. Domestic public fixed and mobile radio systems such as mobile telephone systems, cellular systems, rural radio systems, point-to-point microwave systems multipoint distribution systems, etc;
    5. Stations operated in the Cable Television Relay Service;
    6. Satellite stations, both uplink and downlink of all types.
I know which license I need - Where do I go from here?
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